Fight Night Goiania: Official Weigh-in

Fight Night Goiania: Official Weigh-in

태그 : 티아고실바
영상 시간 : 32:4
평점 : 4.64

좋아요 : 573 , 안좋아요 : 44

출처 : UFC – Ultimate Fighting Championship

Watch the official weigh-in for UFC Fight Night: Condit vs. Alves live from the Goiania Arena, Friday, May 29 at 3pm/12pm ETPT.

업데이트 날짜 : 2015-05-29 19:39:40
Watch the official weigh-in for UFC Fight Night: Condit vs. Alves live from the Goiania Arena, Friday, May 29 at 3pm/12pm ETPT.


  1. What's the weigh in song for Formiga vs Reis

  2. Alex Oliviera has more claim to being the cowboy than Cerrone because he was a bull-rider?  Come on, Bisping, that is pre-requisite to Donald Cerrone.

  3. Alves is way too small to fight as a welterweight, he should drop down to lightweight.

  4. 20:40 Girl: "Don't look at the D don't look at the DDDD!!!"

  5. the blonde's legs makes me vomit a bit. she stands out as not belonging on the stage.

  6. brazil really stands behind their fighters, as ?70? people show up for the weigh-in.


  7. Nik Lentz and Charles Oliveira look like shit after the weight cut.

  8. this is fake, weigh scales in ufc are fake to make fighter look stronger, in wwe they wiehgt you really how u are and in ufc all fighter are weak and skinny and jealous of how strong my ryback is

    ryback is cute, ufc is fake and wwe real

  9. 11:55 Sweetheart… it's LIVE! hahahahah, silly babe

  10. Carlos Condo lol 29:00

  11. Does anyone know if we can watch it online ?

  12. Norman Parke for the win!


  14. holy shit…Lentz looked like walking death!

  15. Alves is a dead man, an healthy Condit will beat anyone in 170Lbs.

  16. Condit is back,I hope he will get that win after long time layoff…C.Oliveira will submit Nick by Guillotine choke..

  17. Condit by hadouken!

  18. Lentz/Condit FTW

  19. Cruz saying Charles has heart lol. Swanson punched him in the eye and he literally gave up.

  20. Love both Condit and Alves but I'm thinking Alves might take this one.  Condit is one tough bastard but leg kicks, speed, clinch, knees.  Look out!!!

  21. Am i right i thinking if a fighter from the uk wins they would be the first brits to win in brazil in the ufc?

  22. Like seeing Yves Edwards on the panel.  I don't think gets enough respect on what he's done at lightweight.

  23. lol cut some more weight, those 2 looked drained as shit.

  24. Condit
    Do Bronx

  25. Why on FOX weigh-ins don't they show the fighters' record? So fucking retarded

  26. Janice Gribskjold Jensen

    What the fuck Fox, you cut away from Dalby?

  27. glad they brought the old ufc weigh in songs back

  28. The only man that can be worthy of that hot ass brunette on the right (other than myself of course ;p) is the man, Carlos Condit. They look like they'd be a couple

  29. The Old Thiago Alves was aggressive, but the way he looked in his last fight he was not. He got the body kick TKO in his last fight so perhaps he do it, But Condit looks to be ready.

  30. I swear to god, that Charles Oliveira guy is a living, walking ANIME CHARACTER.

  31. Dat vitor haircut.


  33. Ufc has so many trolls, it's unbelievable.

  34. Watch out for the first fight! Luiz did good on TUF but got injured, this guy is good!

  35. Why are brazilians such ugly motherfuckers?

  36. Formiga looks like the brazilian mighty mouse

  37. edmond the goat trashverdyan

    featherweight division not only copying  conor's attire but also his beard. lol. soon everyone will have a gorilla tattoo on their chest.

  38. I wanna see Bisping vs Diaz.

  39. Just a little less than 6 weeks until Scarface steals the LEPRECHAUN's pot of gold…..and that bearded freak can disappear forever

  40. Holy shit Lentz looks like Skeletor

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