“The Korean Superboy” Doo Ho Choi Highlights 2016ᴴᴰ

“The Korean Superboy” Doo Ho Choi Highlights 2016ᴴᴰ

태그 : 티아고실바
영상 시간 : 3:19
평점 : 4.84

좋아요 : 777 , 안좋아요 : 25

출처 : AP

All footage belongs to UFC WME-IMG.

업데이트 날짜 : 2016-10-10 12:23:36
All footage belongs to UFC WME-IMG.


  1. Korean superboy vs Korean zombie

  2. Beautiful fighter, i am however surprised that no one has been able to setup a takedown on this kid.

  3. He beat that guy till mouthpiece pops out

  4. Doo Ho Choi vs Yair pantera Rodiguez 🙂 maybe one day….

  5. That whole fight with Swanson was just unbelievable. I am betting my money on Choi next fight for sure.

  6. It's his hands. They're small enough to slip right through a persons guard, and he can throw them incredibly fast. Plus, he throws with no wind up, no telegraph, and no unnecessary movement. Although his striking is very good, basic striking defense is poor and if he faces an excellent boxer or someone able to strike at a distance, I believe he will have a hard time.

  7. when chan sung Jung gets back he going to teach this kid a lesson

  8. he's like pretty boy who can be bully easily, then he knocks you out

  9. МОлодец!

  10. I am the future

  11. yeah korea !!

  12. this dudes right arm…. puts people to sleep

  13. This kid's the real Korean Zombie. And I'm a fan of Chnag Sung Jung,

  14. Fisicamente non è dotato ma è un animale cattivissimo

  15. UFC gave him fights they knew he would win to aid his development with the hopes of gaining a Connor from the east.

  16. Strange a band copied "Shut up and drive" by rhianna

  17. I Wonder how he looked like when he was 14 ( he looks so young)

  18. swanson beat that azz and drooped him with a spinning elbow i knew Swanson would win

  19. Brilliant fight against Cub Swanson last night…this kid is going places

  20. Damn this kid has some heavy hands and feet!

  21. Nice highlights but shitty music

  22. Que buen peleador y aparte joven

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